Submissive behaviour

Submissive behaviour is the tendency towards being passive and willing to yield to others. It involves being overly obedient and quick to give way to the demands of others, letting them make decisions for you.

Most of us are submissive at times, depending on the behaviour…

Back to nature

Did you know nature can be beneficial for our emotional health and well-being?

The World Health Organization stated that “urban environments had been very commonly associated with higher rates of most mental health issues

For example, when healthy adults view nature scenes rich in vegetation, areas of the brain associated with emotional stability, empathy, and…

Mental health and wellness

Mental health may be considered an umbrella term for a continuum — with mental illness at one end and mental wellbeing at the other. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown has aggravated mental health issues worldwide.

Equally, more people acknowledge the fundamental need…

The Most Important Key to Self-Reliance

If you look up self-reliance in the dictionary, it will tell you that it means that you can follow your capabilities, judgment, or resources to be independent.

To do that, you’ll need to learn to accept responsibility for everything you do without depending on what…

Exceeding our expectations

Are we doomed to fail

We tend to expect perfection from every situation in this day and age, and nothing else will do. But the key to getting off the perfection roller coaster is to unchain yourself from the shackles of expectation completely. …

Have you considered changing your life?

If we sit down and think about it, most of us have goals. The problem is, they are often undefined thoughts just sitting in our subconscious.

In reality, these are more daydreams than goals. …

Mindfulness and Meditation, companions on your journey throughout life.

Mindful Meditation is an excellent place to begin your journey into self-discovery. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Meditation is one of the simplest ways to start practising mindfulness.

According to Headspace, mindfulness is ‘The quality of being present and…

Understanding Agoraphobia and Coronaphobia

As we currently pass the first anniversary of the COVID-19 and then learn, there could be two more mutations possible, making it even more contagious even though the previous 12 months have been arduous for most of us. Who hasn’t felt anxious during this period?



What is fantasy?

Fantasy is a mental image of objects, people or scenarios, which is not present. Some experts distinguish between conscious fantasies, and daydreams, or unconscious fantasies. In Freudian psychoanalysis, fantasy is a means of realizing wishes or desires.

Who has fantasies?

Almost everyone has fantasies, but they are usually experienced…

Herbs for Health and Wellness

Certain herbs have specific curative effects, and there are many. How­ever, it is not necessary, nor is there usually the time, to become an expert on the subject before you start. Do it gradually build up your botanical knowledge slowly and surely.

Begin by…

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